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we are Exporter of various types of stone, leather, industrial handicraft & decorative furniture.

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we are exporters of leather products, industrial furniture, stone and various type of hand made items.

Wooden Leather and Industrial Furniture Exporters In India

Since 2019, “GunjExports” has been a well-known wholesale furniture supplier and exporter from Jodhpur, India. It is a flexible furniture manufacturing business that was established primarily to produce high-quality items related to wooden and industrial furniture. In a very short period of time, it has developed into a top-tier furniture supplier firm with a mission to provide top-notch goods at affordable costs. The business is widely recognised for its affordable collection of furniture that is created by a group of highly qualified experts. It specialises in providing a wide range of designs in Restaurant Furniture, Cafe Furniture, Bar Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Custom Made Furniture, Bespoke Furniture, Rustic Furniture, and Furniture for Restaurants and Cafes. It serves as a one-stop shop for all furniture needs, and our staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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We are exporters of industrial furniture,leather products and other hand made items. our company have 20 years of experience in stone handicraft in India and now we are gaining ground in leather and industrial furniture export business…….

Top Furniture Exporter In India

Making furniture is common, but Gunj Exports is the only company capable of exporting finely built furniture from India to other countries. Our company is the best furniture exporter in all of India, as shown by the best ratings, not only because we go by the term “Gunj Exports.” Our designs span every aesthetic, including traditional, contemporary, and even opulent furniture designs. Our items speak value, class, and prominence because we manufacture them with pride, dignity, and incredible skill. Gunj Exports is far superior to the norm. Our market reach has expanded over the years; we are well-known for exporting custom furniture that is very dependable and offers rapid delivery and services. Furniture from Gunj Exports is respectable and deserving of admiration. They improve the appearance of your living room, bedroom, office space, and entire house. In order to produce the best furniture with cutting-edge designs, Gunj Exports uses high-tech machinery that streamlines the furniture production process and complements the “get it right the first time” mentality of our devoted team members. This improves our abilities and dynamism, which raises our efficiency and keeps us competitive in the modern market. We have in fact evolved effectively over the years, developing and producing new furniture designs that fit the era. The sawmill, all-computer-controlled kilns, wood treatment machinery, and other manufacturing facilities owned and operated by Best of Gunj Exports are equipped with the best machinery for producing high-quality, long-lasting furniture. As we create furniture, we increase trust. We enjoy seeing our clients happy since it inspires them to write the best evaluations and praise our top-notch goods. Our emphasis is on value; all of our furniture is cost-effective, long-lasting, and worth every penny. Our decorative options are distinctively and especially created to offer your house a respectable appearance.

Wide Range Of Furniture

A full furniture set define a house and the people that live there. Together, every piece of furniture gives spaces a luminous appearance. A house without furniture isn’t a house at all. Shop at Gunj Exports for the best interior décor for your living or working space. We offer a variety of furniture products at affordable costs, ranging from traditional wooden furniture to modern industrial furniture, cane furniture, upholstered furniture, and other incredible items. Here is a list of the products we provide:

Solid Wood Furniture

It can be difficult to find wooden furniture that perfectly matches your preferences and taste. You should shop with Gunj Exoprts if you like to buy things online yet want to deal with a reliable manufacturer who produces high-quality goods. We have high-quality furniture produced from a variety of woods.
Gunj Exports creates wooden furniture from properly seasoned and treated woods that can withstand heavy use. Acacia, Sheesham, and Solid Wood Mango are some of the high-quality timbers we employ. Purchasing our wooden furniture is a promise of high-quality, long-lasting goods.

Cane Furniture

Furniture made of cane is elegant and simple. Its stylish design fosters a cosy atmosphere; it is simple, not overly expensive, but nonetheless lovely. The greatest furniture for you if you choose a good looking design for your home is made of cane, and wed makes it simple to purchase one. As the top cane furniture maker in India, we provide a large selection of furniture made from the toughest cane materials. Our goods are designed to produce a typical home décor. We offer a wide variety of designs for chairs, tables, dining sets, bench sofas, and much more. The best furniture available may be found here.

industrial furniture

Modern and traditional elements are combined in industrial furniture to provide a beautiful result. It blends sleek modernity with a hint of vintage design, elevating the appearance of your home with a polished, beautiful touch. The true meaning of beautiful furniture is comfortable industrial furniture. Gunj Export
offers industrial furniture at the most unbelievable pricing. The greatest results are achieved by combining bare bricks, wood, metal, and other repurposed elements. We are capable of creating these items, which require careful attention to detail to build the versatile furniture style.

Leather Furniture

Any room’s atmosphere is complemented by furniture with upholstery. It offers the best cushion comfort and the richness of luxurious materials made of rich leather. A decent leather seat offers relaxation and pleasure; it causes absolutely no pain. We have the hand-tailoring furniture expertise necessary to build it.
The most beautiful leather furniture designs from we are ideal for your homes and offices. In addition to our leather sofa, restaurant booth sofa, industrial sofa, L-shaped sofa, and pouffes, we also have a large selection of other furniture products.

Outdoor Furniture

To enhance the appearance of the space, appropriate furniture is necessary while setting up an outside event, garden, or yard. Outdoor furniture is stylish, classy, and lovely. It is easier to see than to describe the effortless elegance it brings to any outdoor space.We provides the best designs for you if you’re looking to purchase high-quality outdoor furniture to decorate your lawn, garden, balcony, or outdoor setting. If properly maintained, our outdoor furniture can resist severe weather without breaking down or fading.

Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Modern designs and contemporary-styled furnishings are combined through the use of simple, comfortable lines. Modern office buildings frequently feature minimalist appeal, bright, airy, and aesthetically pleasing furniture with a modest appearance. Modern and contemporary furniture types are both made to order and customised by Gunj Exports.

Rough Sawn Furniture

Rusty sawn products are made of wood that has been sawn or grated to be as near to the state of the original cut as feasible. Such saw markings are not sanded erased, but rather remain in the wood. As a result, the wooden furniture pieces have a warm yet rustic appearance. These handcrafted rustic dining tables, charismatic bedroom sets, and mysterious dressers are the ultimate indulgence for lovers of rustic furniture.

Curved Furniture, Bentwood & Organic Design Furniture

Have you ever seen wooden furniture with little apexes, curves, or even angles? Ever pondered how such intricate designs can be created from a solid substance like wood? Manufacturing methods for bentwood are to blame for this. In essence, solid natural wood takes on mildly pliable qualities when damp, allowing for the creation of stunning furniture designs.

Inlay Furniture

An inlay is a decorative method that involves placing tiny pieces of bone, mollusk shell, metal, or stone into a pattern. It is one of the most popular trends in furniture designs and decor. The resulting pattern is applied to a range of furniture items, including tables, chairs, desktops, and dressers. Such furniture items are admired for the elegance they provide to a room and the stunning textural contrast they create. They also make excellent showpieces.

Reproduction or Replica Furniture

Replica furniture is decor that is a duplicate of vintage, antique, or old furniture designs. we construct the best quality reproduction furniture with the subtler elements and nuances of such ancient designs in order to assist you in reclaiming the elegance of old, classic furniture designs.

Hand Carved and Carved Wood Furniture

Using a cutting tool in one hand, a chisel in two hands, or one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, one can carve wood to create wooden objects of unrivalled beauty and old-world charm. we offers hand-carved furniture that reflects the elegance of the past and offers guests of your hospitality or commercial organisation a view of the way of life and artistry of yore.

Hand Painted Furniture

Any piece of furniture can be transformed with paint, which has incredible powers. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint to update furniture so it fits the Boho or shabby chic aesthetic of your commercial space. Gunj Exports is delighted to uphold the distinctive customs of hand painting furniture in this era of mass production.

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